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Ship Repair at Hakodate Shipyard

Many Years of Experience

Ship Repair Services

We have three dry docks, several pires and repair facilities to meet customers' needs,including periodical maintenance, emergency repairs and structural modifications.

Hakodate Shipyard restored a large dry dock (300K tons, L330m x W58m x D10.7m) as the third dock in October, 2010. We also constructed a new housing facility for client crews, named Dock House Annex II. The Dock House has 6 floors, 78 rooms and accommodate 359 people.

'Takanami' class destroyer, Japan Maritime Self Defense Force during annual servey.


Periodical Docking of the Destroyer,
Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force

Conversion Work of "Mashu Maru"

Afloat Repair of Propeller

Periodical Docking of
the Japan Coast Guard's vessel.


Sea Trial of the ferry


Hull Jumbo Work


Ship Repair at Muroran Manufactory


Quality Repair Services

Ship Repair Services

Various kinds of ship repair and conversion / modification works have been done to the wide range of vessels.

The docking of Icebreaker"FESCO SAKHALIN"

The renewal work of the double bottom

The restoration project team for Japan Coast Gurard Patrol Ship 'Kurikoma', Hakodate dock co., ltd. received an official commendation for proper and early repair with the excellent technical skill of JCS PS Kurikoma, which was damaged heavily by the Great East Japan Earthquake on Mar 11, by ADM Tokieda, Commander of The 2nd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters, JCG.

Just before docking out of the Ro/Ro Ship
"Ro/Ro Erimo"

The docking of the Ro/Ro Ship
"Shin-Kushiro Maru"

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