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Deliver to the World from Hakodate Shipyard
We have delivered various vessels, including bulk carriers, ferrys, Ro/Ro carriers, Japan Coast Guard's vessel and industrial vessels to the world. Currently, we are active in the successive production of handy-size bulk carriers, so called " Super Handy 32 ".

"Super Handy 32" 32,000DWT Bulk/Log Carrier

"Super Handy 32" ,the new design 32,000DWT log/bulk carrier, has wide breadth, shallow draft and box shaped cargo holds.

 Principal Particulars
Lpp×B×D (m)  167.0× 29.4× 13.7
Draft (Full Load)  9.62 m
Deadweight  32,000 t
Gross Tonnage  19,850 t
Servise Speed  14.4 knots

48,000DWT Bulk Carrier

Car Ferry with one engine and two propulsions.

Roll-on/Roll-off Carrier

Japan Coast Guard's vessel

New Shipbuilding Department (Small Vessels)

Founded in 1935, Narazaki Shipbuilding has been building fishing boats (domestic and international), government ships, sight-seeing/leisure ships, specialty ships and various other types. Over their 73-year history, they have built over 1,200 vessels. On January 1st, 2009, Narazaki Shipbuilding was acquired by and merged into The Hakodate Dock Co., Ltd. The synergy between their vast knowledge and technical skill in small shipbuilding and our knowledge and experience with bigger vessels and ship repair will allow us to better meet the needs of the market and our clients.

Goverment-owned Boat(training boat)


Domestic cargo boat (499 type)


Fishing boat


Tug boat




Special purose boat( Ice-break passenger boat)

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